Family Office

Family Office supports the Tøpholm and Westermann families’ involvement in T&W Medical’s companies and activities, as well as providing advise with regards to the families’ interests. The purpose of this it to look after the families and their values, on behalf of current and future generations.

Joint ownership

T&W Medical is a private holding company, equally owned by the two families, Tøpholm and Westermann. Family Office assists the families’ involvement in the T&W Medical’ companies and activities and ensures that ownership reflects the families’ values.


A long-running partnership

The collaboration between the two families began more than 65 years ago, with the establishment of the hearing aid company Tøpholm & Westermann, later known as Widex and today WSA.


Four generations

The Family Office manages this unique fourth-generation family owned business, thereby ensuring the sustainable and long-term ownership of WSA and the other companies in the group.